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Start-ups and small businesses don't need a full-time Creative Director or an overpriced agency. Often, they need something in-between.

Small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs looking to build a beautifully strategic brand.  

A tiered flat-fee retainer model that is agile, flexible, and efficient.

David is genuine, curious, strategic, and thoughtful.
— Jennifer Rohren, Brand Manager at Aileron

Build your dream brand.


The chops you need to scale and align your brand.



Logo, tagline, style guide, and more.



Ghostwriting, blogging, podcasting, and more.



User experience, information architecture, design and more.



Market saturation, competition, pricing, and more.


Unique Value Proposition

Attract the right audience every time.

David seems to have an inability to write or speak a word that does not brim with wisdom and thoughtfulness.
— Brian Dokter, Partner at TBX

Chief Creative Director On-Loan

Chief Napping Officer

Head of Research


David Hamilton worked for 3 different "creative" agencies before calling it quits.

Growing tired of the inefficient value, bloated billable hour, and constant change-orders, he started 708 Consulting. He's written for Fortune 500 brands, CEOs, CMOs, and Founders. 

His passion is to write and create for people who don't know just how brilliant they truly are. 


Moose has never known the meaning of personal space. 

She roams around our Founder's feet, begs for food, and lets him know when it's time to close email. She isn't afraid to bark—but prefers you just listen to her the first time. She has a keen eye for adverbs, misplaced em-dashes, and squirrels that can never be caught. Moose needs 16 hours of sleep a day so...there's that. 

Claire Blystra has always been enthralled by story.  

Over the last several years she’s had the opportunity to tell many stories – some of her own, and a few for those without a voice. She’s written to tell the stories of the twenty-something, the refugee, and the first-time pet owner. These days she writes on the weekends in between walking her Labrador and checking out the newest restaurant in Grand Rapids.

You deserve a partner.


Leverage an award-winning Creative Director without the overhead.


Tier 0: Pay by the hour


Tier 1: 11 hours per week

$2,500 / MO.


TIER 2: 16 hours a week

$4,000 / MO.


TIER 3: 30 hours a week

$8,000 / MO.

We’re not huge fans of the billable hour. That said, we understand that many new clients like to start here.

Perfect for start-ups in the early phases of funding preparing to scale fast without diluting their brand.

The sweet spot for small businesses who have some good people but need clear brand direction.

Designed for the brand that needs someone to wear multiple hats—doing the work but also overseeing the creative vision.

His ability to take my muddled musings and translate into coherent thoughts has been outstanding.
— Jon Panner, Director of Recruiting at Per Se Group

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David took the words we used to describe who we were and melded them into something efficient, powerful, and meaningful.
— Matt Flick, VP at The Modern College of Design